Single & Multiple Tooth Implants

Single & Multiple Tooth Implants in Spring 

If you are feeling embarrassed or self-conscious due to missing teeth, there is no longer a need! At Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry, we offer several options for replacing those missing teeth with either Single Tooth Implants, Multiple Tooth Implants or Fixed Implant Bridges. We thrive on always offering our Guests with an exceptional experience coupled with a focus on providing the highest quality of dentistry!

We understand that the moment you hear the word “Implant,” the typical thought is of an extremely expensive procedure that is invasive. Please allows our Dentists to show you a new side of Implant Dentistry with significantly more affordable options along with a minimally invasive technique that requires minimal healing time! A couple of our options are discussed below:

Dental Implants – Single & Multiple

Dental Implants, both for a single or multiple locations, are a popular and highly effective way to replace missing or broken teeth. They are designed to be an excellent long-term option for restoring your smile and blending in with your natural teeth! Dental implants are made of titanium and other materials that are compatible within the human body. They are posts that are precisely placed into the upper and / or lower jaw, where they work as an anchor for replacement teeth.

Typically when people hear about getting dental implants placed, they think of a highly invasive surgical procedure. Please allow us to assure you that this is no longer the case! In most instances, when the tooth has already been removed, the process involves removing a small circular area of gum tissue that is the same width as the implant. Then space is created within your jawbone and the implant is gently seated into the space. A cover screw or healing abutment is screwed in to ensure the interior components of the implant remain healthy and intact! That’s it!! The healing time in these cases is typically at least 3 months before the dental implant can be restored with a post, or abutment, and crown.

The process becomes slightly more complicated when removal of teeth and placement of dental implants occurs at the same time! In these instances, your Dentist will discuss the importance of having bone grafting material placed into the socket where the tooth / teeth were removed and the dental implant is seated. The healing time in these instances is typically at least 6 months before the tooth can be restored with an abutment and crown.

Please reach out to our caring, experienced staff to ask any questions you may have! We look forward to seeing you soon!