Teeth Whitening & Smile Design

Teeth Whitening & Smile Design in Spring 

If you need teeth whitening in Spring, TX, we invite you to come and see the experts at Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry! By letting us provide for your whitening needs, you’re getting an accomplished dentist near you who can improve the look of your smile.

Dr. Rahul Mehta has years of education and experience in providing cosmetic dental care. If you have been searching for a dentist in Spring who offers exceptional teeth whitening near you, please give us a call.

If you would like to set up an appointment to see Dr. Mehta, contact Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry and a friendly member of our staff will be happy to accommodate you.

What Is It?

Many people’s teeth become less vibrant over time. Whether because of age, the foods you eat, or tobacco use, you may notice staining on your teeth. Fortunately, our comprehensive teeth whitening service can help your smile look bright and beautiful once again.

You have three main options for whitening your teeth. The quickest and most effective way to brighten your smile is with our in-office treatment. Dr. Rahul Mehta uses special dental bleach combined with UV lighting to enhance your smile. In just a single visit, you will have whiter teeth.

If you would rather whiten your teeth at home, we offer personal whitening kits. These are a great way to whiten when it’s convenient for you. It’s important to note that whitening kits may take a few days to whiten your teeth to your liking.

Lastly, whitening toothpaste can help to gradually whiten your teeth. However, this whitening option can take several weeks before you see an improvement.

For the best results, whitening toothpaste should be used following our teeth whitening treatment. This will help to maintain a brighter smile between teeth whitening treatments.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

While most patients can enjoy a whiter smile after just one visit, some require additional whitening treatments to get the shade they’re looking for. This is needed when a patient has severe staining on their teeth.

If your staining is minimal, however, you can look forward to healthier-looking teeth after one treatment.