Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Spring 

Wisdom teeth, or 3rd Molars, develop for most people and in some instances need to be removed. When most people hear about needing to remove their Wisdom Teeth, they visualize an invasive, long procedure. Please allow us to assure you that typically, that is not the case!

Prior to your wisdom tooth removal appointment, you will be offered the option of sedation. If you wish to be asleep during the procedure, please let your Doctor know! Your doctor is highly experienced and will start by gently numbing the entire area using local anesthetics. This ensures that you only feel a pushing pressure sensation during the removal process.

In most cases when the tooth is visible above the gums, it is not necessary to remove significant gum tissue. In these instances, your Doctor will inform you that you will feel a scooping like motion and pushing pressure. In most cases these teeth slip out without complications. However, in some instances, when the tooth is submerged below the gums, the procedure becomes a little more invasive, requiring reflection of the gums to remove the wisdom tooth.

After completion of the wisdom tooth removal, your Doctor will place self-dissolving stitches and gauze to help start the clotting process.

Please make sure to carefully listen to and follow the instructions provided by the staff for Home Care after Removal of a Tooth. These instructions will be provided both verbally and in writing. As always, please feel free to reach out to us for any questions you may have!!

We look forward to seeing you soon!