When Should You Go to the Emergency Dentist for a Tooth Infection?

When Should You Go to the Emergency Dentist for a Tooth Infection?

May 1, 2023
If you doubt you have a tooth illness, it helps if you visit your regular dentist to have the tooth examined and treated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you leave the tooth untreated, enabling the infection to aggravate, it may eventually make an inevitable visit to the emergency dentist near you to receive intensive and expensive treatments. Tooth infections treated early after getting them identified, examined, and treated early will not require painful and costly treatments from emergency dentists. Your regular dental care provider can comfortably restore the damage in the tooth by providing fillings or crowns to ensure you do not need emergency treatments. Emergency visits for tooth infections become necessary when you ignore the condition in your tooth until it aggravates deep decay to damage it permanently. Deep decay, when left untreated for a long, results in pimples near your tooth roots, causing excruciating pain, besides oozing pus leaves you with an awful taste in the mouth. The pain you experience will make you rush to the dentist in Spring, TX, requesting emergency treatment for the discomfort.

What Are the Symptoms of a Dental Abscess?

The pimple near your tooth roots is a dental abscess resulting from the deep decay in your tooth, affecting its soft center, the dental pulp, nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Dental abscesses result from bacterial growth inside an existing cavity reaching the soft center of the tooth. The bacteria from the hole can extend to your gums, face, neck, throat, cheeks, and tongue. Dental abscesses are painful and cause lingering temperature sensitivity in the tooth, making it challenging to have hot or cold foods. The pus building up near the infected tooth gradually becomes painful until it drains by itself or is drained by a dentist surgically. Occasionally the swelling can extend to block the airway, causing breathlessness. Therefore if you have a dental abscess, you will likely notice redness of the face, swelling, pain, fever, chills, vomiting, gum inflammation, oral swelling, and difficulty breathing.

When Should I Seek Emergency Care If I Have an Abscess?

If you notice a dental abscess near your tooth roots, the sooner you seek emergency care from the dentist near you, the better it is to save your tooth. If the dentist near you is unavailable you can visit the emergency dentist in Spring, TX, requesting treatment for your condition. You must seek emergency care if the pain is excruciating and unmanageable after using OTC painkillers. If you have a fever or chills and are exhibiting other symptoms of a dental abscess, it helps if you visit the spring dentist seeking emergency care.

How Do Dentists Identify Dental Abscesses?

Dentists can identify whether you have a drainable abscess after performing a physical exam. Occasionally you may need dental x-rays to identify small pimples in the deeper parts of your tooth.

What Therapies Are Offered for a Dental Abscess?

If the dental abscess is drainable, the dentist will make incisions to cut open the pimple to allow the pus to drain. The dentist will also empty the spot through the infected tooth when starting a root canal process. Unfortunately, in many cases, dental abscesses rupture by themselves. If you suffer from this problem, expect to receive a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics from the dentist to battle the infection. Dental abscesses are infections causing excruciating pain, making it essential to never develop one by neglecting dental hygiene or ignoring impacts on your teeth that might chip or crack them, leaving open spaces for mouth bacteria to penetrate the tooth and create deep infections. If you maintain excellent dental hygiene and visit your dentist for checkups and cleanings, they will likely notice the tooth damage to offer remedies like fillings, bonding, et cetera. However, if you ignore your dentist's advice or neglect dental visits, the bacteria in the tooth will continue working tirelessly until they infect the dental pulp and eventually make their presence felt through a dental abscess. Therefore whenever you notice pimples near your tooth root, consider getting treatment from your regular dentist immediately if you wish to avoid late-night visits to emergency dentists with severe pain and the other symptoms associated with a dental abscess. If you notice pimples near your tooth roots indicating an infection, rush to Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry to treat the condition without delay. If you get the practice promptly, they can treat the situation and put you on the path to recovery. However, if you delay treatment, you may still have to visit them to seek other dentistry treatments like root canals or dentures to replace the extracted tooth.