State-Of-The-Art Technology

At Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry we utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure you have the best experience possible!  Utilizing these technologies allows us to increase Guest comfort, perform more precise, less invasive procedures, and enhances our efficiency!  Some of the technologies we use are:

Digital X-Rays

These X-rays increase the precision with which we work by allowing us to view the image on a computer monitor and display it for your viewing as well! The radiation exposure is at least 80% less than traditional film dental X-Rays.

3D CBCT Scanner

The Kavo 3D CBCT Scanner is equipped with some of the most advanced digital dental technology in the industry. It allows us to perform careful, precise planning for procedures like dental implants. This machine allows us to map out all oral structures and identify details with phenomenal accuracy! This ensures that you will enjoy an excellent outcome every time!

Digital Intraoral Cameras

Sometimes, viewing an X-ray is not the clearest image of what is going on with your tooth. To solve this problem, every room is equipped with a Digital Intraoral Camera. These cameras allow us to take high-resolution photographs of each tooth and allow you to see what we see when problems arise!

In-House Dental Laboratory

At Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry, we are proud to offer the fabrication of prostheses via our In-House Dental Laboratory. This lab allows us to more accurately and efficiently fabricate various prosthetic solutions for all your dental needs!  We are currently in the process of adding 3D Printers to our Laboratory to ensure the highest possible quality for our prosthetics.

Soft Tissue Diode Laser

Our Doctors and Hygienists use Soft Tissue Diode Lasers to significantly improve your Cosmetic and Periodontal outcomes. It allows our Hygienists to effectively eliminate dangerous bacteria within your mouth in a minimally invasive way!

Intraoral Scanners

At Immediate Smiles Dentures & Dentistry, we are focused on offering the most advanced options to ensure a more accurate impression and better fitting prosthesis.  To ensure this, we also utilize Intraoral Scanners, where appropriate. These scanners allow us to take detailed 3D images of your entire mouth and the way you bite!